Boom Dot Bust Boom Dot Bust

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Recurring Characters:
Ralph Spoilsport

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This is the second of Firesign's 21st century CD Trilogy: "We're Doomed."

Boom Dot Bust is the story of Billville, a nondescript middle American town, and its inhabitants - average Joes (er, Bills) leading unremarkable lives. Pull back the facade, however, and a hornet's nest of political and corporate corruption, public dissent, and potential disasters both natural and man-made are revealed. The town is on the brink of Doom Bot Dust, unless Billville's mayor can save it. Place your bets and keep your water wings handy.


  1. Just Jinkin' Ya! (1:48)
  2. We Heart Billville (1:48)
  3. Drink Global, Eat Local (1:41)
  4. The Mayor Is The Problem (2:07)
  5. Buy The Numbers (1:06)
  6. Dishnet Sports Wrap-Up (1:20)
  7. Gov. Bill Williams Tornado Preserve (1:43)
  8. That Billville Sound! (1:06)
  9. Bless Their Strange Names (1:31)
10. Kane! (1:24)
11. Super Racearound II (2:44)

12. Weather With An Edge (1:28)
13. The Digging of Elmertown (1:17)
14. Boom Dot Bust (0:35)
15. Back Room At The Ash 'n' Onion (3:36)
16. The Glue-It-Yourself Show (3:43)
17. Collision City (1:25)
18. Doom Bot Dust (0:37)
19. Inside the Money Bubble (2:05)
20. Devilmaster By Infermco (2:36)
21. The Good, The Fatt, And The Ugly (4:39)
22. Three Schnooks In A Boat (4:52)

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