Box Of Danger: The Complete Nick Danger Casebook Box Of Danger: The Complete Nick Danger Casebook

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Recurring Characters:
Nick Danger, Rocky Rococo, Lt. Bradshaw, Nancy, Catherwood

Category: Audio
The Firesign Theatre's Box of Danger: The Complete Nick Danger Casebook turns the spotlight on the legendary comedy troupe's most famous creation: Nick Danger, Third Eye. This 4-CD box set assembles for the first time such legendary skits as "Cut 'Em Off at the Past," "The Case of the Missing Shoe," "The Three Faces of Al," plus a wealth of rare and unreleased items from Nick's tattered casebook.

Danger is Firesign's take on the hard-boiled detective character, with firstperson narration and crazy adventures that often involve mistaken identity, and of course there's always a dangerous dame. The skits spoof the conventions of those old detective radio shows, right down to the special effects, the sponsors, the on-air host, the convoluted plots and just about anything else that one might have heard on a classic serial.

Box of Danger

Enter Nick, a slick dick up to his wick in postmodern schtick. Waist-deep in "White Album"-era pop references and not afraid to lose World War II, Nick Danger and company sell some Loostner's Soap and smoke every Old-Time Radio convention down to the roach clip as the Firesign Theatre unwittingly gives birth to the gumshoe that will become their frontman to a generation of fans. Break out the I Ching and drop that pickle---you don't understand how radio works!

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