The Bride Of Firesign The Bride Of Firesign

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Recurring Characters:
Nick Danger, Peorgie, Mudhead, Ray Hamberger, Harold Hiphugger, Ralph Spoilsport, Bebop Loco, Rocky Rococo, Lt. Bradshaw

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This is the third of Firesign's 21st century CD Trilogy: "We're Doomed."

Of their many albums, this is Firesign's most self-referential work. A introductory rumination about some guy named Dick segues into a labyrinthine plot wherein many characters from past Firesign albums cross and double-cross paths, leading to a climactic encounter with the mysterious Dr. Firesign. At once familar and wholly new, this is vintage Firesign; the guys are firing on all four or five cylinders in this go-round.

1. Pulling It Off As A Man (2:26)
2. Whaz Reeaal! (6:27)
3. Nick Danger's L-O-S-T G-A-L-S (7:16)
4. The Bride Stripped Bare (5:53)
5. Low-Glow Land (5:55)
6. Xeno's Paradise (6:20)
7. The Haystack In The Needle (5:16)
8. Dr. Firesign's Plastic Beauty Saloon (4:47)
9. The Graverobber's Roadshow (5:59)

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