Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers

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Recurring Characters:
George Tirebiter, Peorgie, Mudhead, Peggy

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Firesign's first and most famous album-length production focuses on the "five ages" of George LeRoy Tirebiter, his life on display through the prism of television where the 24/7 shows and commercials are at once familiar and alien, the boundaries of past and future are blurred and dislocation is the order of the day. In the end, selling out may be George's only logical choice - but is it the best choice he can make?.

Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers (1970)
LP Columbia PC30102
CD Mobile Fidelity MFCD 880

This album was written and performed during April and May 1970 by

Music performed by The Firesign Theatre, with THADDEUS WARRICK and The Mindermast Mental Music Hall One-Man Sympathy Orchestra, THE ST. LOUIS AQUARIUM CHORALEERS, Anna-Lee Austin, Jane Dansle, Tiny, Elisabeth Plumb, John Kinick and Cathleen O'Mara, and by THE ANDROID SISTERS, Pomona, Covina and La Verne, featuring "Little Bubbles" on tenor sex, all under the direction of our Mr. Procmer. Production by The Firesign Theatre with Bill Driml. Engineering by Bill Driml with Jerry Hochman and Phil, Sy, Willie, George, Ralph, Alex, Jack, Jack, Eric and Glen. "Shoes for Industry" produced by James William Guercio. Useful Ideas by Bill Malloch. Wake-Up Lady and Bird Stylings by Anna-Lee. AMBIENT'S NOYES CHORAL: Linda, Tiny, Carol, Steve and Charlie "The Drummah" HRUMAH-RUMAH. Cover by Robert Grossman. Back Cover photos by John Rose and Elisabeth Plumb. Poster photos by The Little Guys.

"Oh, Blinding Light," "The Rough-As-A-Cob March," and "Peorgie's Song" (from Paranoid Pictures' "High School Madness!") © 1970 by Espeseth Music Music Music (ASCAP).

You might not want to play this record on the radio because of the F-CC.

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