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This is the complete, mammoth, authoritatively definitive and totally awesome book and DVD-ROM combo. Every Firesign Theatre radio broadcast from the "Dear Friends" era (1970-1972) is included on the DVD disc, along with a few extra goodies and surprises. The book contains an essay by Firesign archivist Taylor Jessen, new interviews with all four group members, producer Bill McIntyre, engineer "The Live Earl Jive", complete show run-downs and Phil Proctor's collage artwork. This is a must-have for any serious Firesign fan.

1. Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour (24 Episodes - 1/25/1970 to 7/23/1970)
2. Dear Friends (21 Episodes - 9/9/1970 to 2/17/1971)
3. Let's Eat (13 Episodes - 11/11/1971 ro 3/30/1972)
4. Dear Friends (Edited for Syndication - 12 Episodes)
5. Let's Eat (Edited for Syndication - 10 Episodes)
6. Extras (10 Segments)

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