Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death

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Recurring Characters:
Bebop Loco, Ray Hamberger, Harold Hiphugger, Ralph Spoilsport

Category: Audio
Firesign's first full-length album after an extended hiatus. This is the first of their 21st century CD Trilogy: "We're Doomed."

It's the eve of the millenium and all sorts of strange things are happening, but the crew working the board at RadioNow (a station that changes its format more often than Lady Gaga changes hairstyles) just want to get through the day and head home to be with their families and friends. Will they make it? You'll have to buy the album to find out.


  1. Unconscious Village: Wake Up (1:44)
  2. Eyeballs in the Sky (2:40)
  3. US Plus: Pork (0:37)
  4. The Celebrity Stalker (1:14)
  5. Sports In Your Shorts (1:02)
  6. Ralph Spoilsport's Going Out Of Body Sale (0:52)
  7. The News Drought Continues (2:30)
  8. Goddess Air Presents "Hullo, Don't Worry!" (2:24)
  9. A Developing Chase Situation (1:49)
10. Pull My String (1:08)
11. Princess Goddess Escapes the Celebrazzis (1:24)
12. Chump Takes Some Hits (1:14)
13. Polar Pro: Texas Trots (1:10)
14. Miss Shelob's Feelin' Poorly (1:28)
15. Unconscious Village: Last Days Sale (0:59)

16. Mr. Coffee Comes Up Zeros (1:31)
17. Glacier (0:24)
18. Gridlock at Homeless Stadium (2:13)
19. Polar Ice: Party Vertical (0:30)
20. Going, Going, Gone á la Blonde (2:16)
21. Sex With My Hat
22. Trippple Ripppoff (0:56)
23. Night Whispers (4:26)
24. Bebop and Dwayne Feel No Pain (1:13)
25. Smokin' Joe Says Farewell (0:48)
26. US Plus: Zeros and Ones (0:33)
27. Chump Makes a Resolution (1:12)
28. The Doll Drop (2:21)
29. RadioNow Says Good-Bye and Hello (3:07)

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