How Time Flys How Time Flys

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Mark Time

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David Ossman's 1973 "hi-fi sci-fi" adventure How Time Flys is set in the world of 1999. Mark Time, interstellar traveler, returns to Earth after a 20-year journey, with some compelling holographic video. Expecting a hero's welcome, he finds he's been all but forgotten and battles to protect his video from sinister forces. Meanwhile, a pesky black hole threatens to mangle time and tide. Among the voice talent featured on this album are fellow Firesign members Phil Proctor and Peter Bergman.

1. Mark's Awakening (4:41)
2. The Years In Your Ears (6:26)
3. Tweeny and "The Welcome Home" (10:56)
4. Manny, "Shortstop" and Lady Ann (1:57)
5. Consumer Instruction Section (2:11)
6. Mark, Mr. Motion and the Memory Loops (8:06)
7. Emergency Program Over-Ride (5:55)
8. The System vs. The Black Hole (0:50)

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