B O O M   D O T   B U S T
D       V       D

Boom Dot Bust DVD Audio
Rhino #75979
Street Date: December 5, 2000
File Under: Spoken Word / Comedy / DVD Audio
Audio DVD $24.98

Deluxe DVD Audio Disc Features New Surround Mix
Plus Exclusive Video Footage, Photos, Songs, Lyrics & More!

DVD Audio Edition Facts
  • BOOM DOT BUST's DVD Audio presents the original album's dialog, music, and sound effects in a new multichannel surround mix.
  • Firesign directly involved with producing this DVD Audio.
  • Interactive features also include:
  • Exclusive video footage of Firesign studio mayhem during the BOOM DOT BUST sessions
  • Script scrapbook
  • Photo gallery packed with tons of career-spanning pics.
  • Songs with lyrics
  • Exclusive interview segment.
  • Links to the Rhino and Firesign web sites
  • Includes Dolby Digital (AC-3) and stereo mixes playable on all current DVD players.
Why Buy?
  • Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death was nominated for Best Comedy Album Grammy
  • Firesign was voted one of the 30 Greatest Comedy Acts of All Time by Entertainment Weekly.

Firesign Theatre, the legendary and still revolutionary satirical comedy troupe, earned a Grammy nomination in early '99 for Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death, the first album of all new material featuring the original foursome in more than 15 years. That October, the reinvigorated lunatics (PHIL AUSTIN, PETER BERGMAN, DAVID OSSMAN, and PHIL PROCTOR) followed up their triumphant return with the all-new BOOM DOT BUST album, a hilarious send-up of small-town America. The outrageous new characters (the Bills, Elmers, No-Neckers, and other inbred locals from Billville and Elmertown) live a lot closer to home than you think. With its dead-on social satire, topical humor, original music, sound effects, and lots more, BOOM DOT BUST has joined its Firesign predecessors as an American comedy classic. Now the DVD Audio version packs the entire album and lots of new content, creating a truly outrageous multi-media experience.


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