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The Firesign Theatre will be performing "I Think We're All
Bozos On This Bus" LIVE in Kirkland, Washington THIS WEEKEND
at the Kirkland Performance Center:
Friday, Nov 18, 8:00 PM
Saturday, Nov 19, 8:00 PM

Tickets available online at:

And at the Portland Center for the Arts in Oregon next month:
Friday, Dec 9, 8:00 PM
Saturday, Dec 10, 8:00 PM

Tickets available online at: (Friday) (Saturday)

Plus more details on shows in Seattle (and maybe elsewhere)
coming soon!

RADIO FREE OZ is back as a 21st century podcast with Peter Bergman
and David Ossman, and on November 21 there will be a 50 minute
RFO podcast with all 4 Firesigns!  Be a pod person at:

"Anythinge You Want To" from Bear Manor Media!
First edition hardcovers are now SOLD OUT.
But the softcover edition is NOW AVAILABLE!

Duke of Madness Motors -- 80+ hours of Firesign radio broadcasts
from the 1970s -- Radio Hour Hour, Dear Friends, and Let's Eat!

Ralph Spoilsport license plate frames are back in stock!

Get all of the above and MORE at

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the Firesign website at
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Man, woman, child...all is up against The Wall of Science!
  -- Firesign Theatre