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Yes, it's spring and that means chipping the cornstarch off
your mukluks and curling... up with three new books by the
Firesign Theatre:
(more details, pictures, and purchasing at the link)

MARCHING TO SHIBBOLETH reproduces both of Firesign's
"Big Books," originally published in 1972 and 1974 by
Straight Arrow. Designed by Jon Goodchild and Richard
Silverstein, the texts are full of photographs, collages
and weirdly cool typography typical of High Seventies
Style. Phil Proctor edited the visuals and David Ossman
the album transcripts for Firesign. Alan Rinzler was
editor for Straight Arrow.

Both books have been collectors' items for many years.
Collecting both under one cover puts the best known
Firesign works together for the first time and provides
readers with the unique word-for-word wordplay which was
often confusing - er, confused with that of James Joyce
during Firesign's heyday.

The four major titles - Electrician, How Can You Be, Dwarf
and Bozos - collectively present Firesign's prescient look
at technology, the media, American history and paranoia.



Direct from their sold-out broadcast performances in late
1967 at The Magic Mushroom, a popular rock club in Studio
City, EXORCISM IN YOUR DAILY LIFE presents ten surreal
classics in which the Four Firesign undertake to play
dozens of characters.

Contains these never-before-published scripts:

* Exorcism and Your Daily Life
* The Séance
* The Last Tunnel to Fresno
* Twenty Years Behind The Whale
* By The Light of the Silvery
* The Sword and the Stoned
* Sesame Mucho
* The Armenian's Paw
* Tile It Like It Is
* A Life In The Day


PROFILES IN BARBEQUE SAUCE brings together sixteen of the
Firesign Theatre's stage, recording and broadcast performance
scripts from the earliest years of their long collaboration.
From 1967, the Summer of the Love-In, to the Not Insane!
Martian Space Party of 1972, Firesign performed on stage at
small clubs and large venue benefit concerts, over AM and FM
radio and on the road.

Contains the following scripts, most coming to print for the
very first time:

* International Youth On Parade
* Temporarily Humboldt County
* W. C. Fields Forever
* 38 Cunegonde
* A Shadow Moves Upon A Land
* Freek for a Week
* Profiles in Barbeque Sauce
* Thanksgiving, or Pass The Indian Please!
* The Fuse of Doom
* The Count of Monte Cristo
* ...nd Of The World
* The TV Set
* Mutt 'n' Smutt
* The Dr. Blojob Show
* The Ash Grove Encore
* The Bob Sideburn News
* The Martian Space Party


And tomorrow evening...

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