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Message from Fred Icebag:

"Fireheads! Marching to Shibboleth now has an official street date.  Please bear in mind that the official street date, January 14, 2014, was chosen for a number of important reasons, foremost among them being that in this context a street date is totally meaningless. In fact our Canadian publisher is scheduled to ship us the books next Thursday, 12/11. If all goes well, I'll receive them one week later. When they arrive, I will pack envelopes like a squirrel on uppers, and they will go out to you Priority Mail the next day. Some of you may get them before Christmas! Others, I'm sorry to report, may not. Thank you for your continued understanding, and remember, nothing says I Love You like a surprise bonus present after the main event."

Details here -

That is all ... lovers!
-- Firesign Theatre

Eat fascist death, flaming media pigs!
  -- Firesign Theatre