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Wed Dec 21   bouncing email
Wed Dec 21   Firesign on Enron DVD
Wed Dec 14   BBC Radio 4 reminder
Wed Dec  7   BBC Radio 4 reminder
Wed Nov 23   "Just Folks" re-released on CD
Mon Nov 21   New Firesign T-Shirts
Sun Nov  6   Phil Proctor on Arrested Development Monday
Fri Nov  4   Fighting Clowns back in print from Lodestone
Thu Nov  3   The Edgar letters on
Tue Oct 25   Feb 1970 Hour Hour show podcasting
Tue Oct 18   Radio Now Live re-released
Wed Oct  5   Legends from the counter-culture
Sat Oct  1   "Over the Edge" on KFPA w/Firesign,Ossman
Tue Sep 20   Anythynge back in print from Lodestone
Wed Sep 14   Art of the Insane
Sat Sep  3   Firesign in London and on BBC Radio 4
Fri Aug  5   Phil Austin's Blog of the Unknown
Tue Jul 12   "Don't Torch That Flag, Hand Me The Lighter"
Sat Jun 25   "Dwarf" and "Electrician" scripts
Thu Jun  9   The Firesign Theater's "I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus" as Preemptive Satire of Themed Design and Development (Among Other Things)
Tue May  3   Happy 95th birthday, Norman Corwin
Mon May  2   Phil Proctor signed Rugrats for auction
Wed Apr 27   Ossman/Walcutt benefit cancelled
Wed Apr 27   David Ossman & Judith Walcutt at benefit
Tue Apr 26   Village Voice article from 1970
Fri Mar 25   Electrician/Dwarf interview
Mon Mar 21   Electrician/Dwarf press release and poster
Fri Mar 18   More Hour Hour clips
Sat Mar 12   Live Electrician & Dwarf, March 26
Fri Mar  4   Mark Time Audio Awards deadline Apr 1
Fri Mar  4   Another 2005 tour diary
Wed Mar  2   2005 tour diary
Mon Feb 14   New T-Shirts in stock!
Fri Feb 11   free Peter Bergman station ID
Thu Feb 10   Live Electrician+Dwarf w/Ossman+Ossman March 26
Fri Feb  4   Proctor on Dead To The World on KPFA
Mon Jan 31   KUOW interview archive
Thu Jan 27   correction: KUOW probably Friday
Wed Jan 26   Firesign on KUOW radio Thursday
Wed Jan 26   eve of 2005 tour
Sun Jan 16   2005 tour Lodestone merchandise
Mon Jan  3   2005 tour adds San Jose Thurs Feb 3
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