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Sun Dec 24   More Hot Shorts on
Sat Dec 23   note from Phil Austin
Thu Dec 14   Hot Shorts on
Tue Dec  5   David Ossman at Seattle Mystery Bookshop
Thu Nov 16   Tirebiter chat tonight
Tue Nov 14   George Tirebiter's new book & chat appearance
Mon Nov 13   Firesign Theatre's 40th anniversary!
Sun Oct 15   Brian Converse aka Klokwkdog
Wed Sep 20   More sugar^H^H^H^H^H Firesign-ish photos
Wed Sep 13   "A Mighty Hot Dog Is Our Lord"
Mon Sep  4   Phil Proctor is the #9 all-time boxoffice star!
Mon Sep  4   More "Egdar letters" at Chromuim Switch
Tue Aug 29   London show on BBC Radio 4 Wednesday
Wed Aug  9   Peter Bergman on KQKE podcast
Tue Aug  1   Phil Austin's Blog of the Unknown
Wed Jul 26   New host machine
Fri Jul 14   Rev. Barnstormer's Biblical Warning #1
Wed Jul  5   5 seconds of Proctor on web
Wed Jul  5   5 seconds of Proctor on the Today show
Sat Jun  3   It's in the water!
Wed May 24   He's not insane!
Sat May 20   two-bit Proctor
Fri May 19   Proctor on Marc Maron rebroadcast
Sun May 14   Ossman's Martian Space Party diary
Fri Apr  7   Firesign at Library of Congress April 11
Thu Mar 30   Firesign crossword sighting by Ossman
Thu Mar 23   Another chance to hear Firesign on the BBC
Wed Mar  8   New Tirebiter album
Fri Jan 27   Peter Bergman in LA Feb. 6
Thu Jan 19   Enron DVD with Firesign bit released
Fri Jan  6   email update
Thu Jan  5   Peter Bergman at Pollstar awards
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