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Mon Dec 15   Ossman/Proctor on CD
Wed Nov 26   Ossman/Proctor on Int'l Mystery Writers Fest CD
Fri Oct 31   Proctor on KUSC Halloween special
Sat Oct 11   Chromium Switch updated
Tue Sep 30   "Box of Danger" released
Thu Sep 18   "Tirebiter" email on Craig Ferguson
Thu Sep 11   Proctor on Thom Hartmann show
Fri Sep  5   BOX OF DANGER out Sept 30
Fri Aug 15   Nat'l Surrealists endorse cartoonist
Sat Aug  9   More shirtgear!
Wed Aug  6   Proctor interview w/Reduced Shakespeare Co.
Thu Jul 31   Proctor in fake Ed Wood trailers
Wed Jul 16   Phil Austin's Cookbook on the Big Jewel
Mon Jul  7   Mystery festival photos
Mon Jul  7   Phil Austin in The Bark
Fri Jun 20   Ossman and Proctor at the Mystery festival
Wed Jun 18   HuffPo mentions Papoon campoon
Wed Jun 18   Autographed Ossman books
Mon Jun 16   Dr. Firesign's Follies
Tue Jun 10   Republican propaganda website endorses Papoon
Sun Jun  8   David & Judith interview
Thu May 29   Firesign mention on HuffPo
Thu May 29   Phil Proctor on radio webcast TODAY
Wed Apr 30   Devin Ossman Memorial Fund Benefit Concert
Thu Apr 17   Ossman interview on
Thu Apr 10   Ossman on Air America April 10
Fri Apr  4   David Ossman on Air America April 10
Sat Mar 29   A message from the Ossmans
Wed Mar 19   David Ossman's son Devin found dead
Sun Feb 24   Papoon Campoon!
Fri Feb 22 starts a Firesign wiki
Sun Feb 10   Proctor sez: Regnad Kcin gets a stern warning
Wed Feb  6   Happy Commie Martyrs Day (Feb 14)
Sat Feb  2   Phil Austin on the radio
Fri Jan 25   New T-shirts
Tue Jan 15   Proctor's letter to Time
Fri Jan 11   Phil Austin at booksigning and petting event
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