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Thu Dec 30   Bergman and Ossman video on Thom Hartmann
Thu Dec 16   80+ hours of DEAR FRIENDS
Wed Dec 15   Phil Proctor on DVD
Sun Dec 12   Queen Victoria?
Thu Sep 23   Radio Free Blogs
Tue Sep  7   Tickets available for Monterey
Wed Sep  1   CORRECTION: San Rafael Firesign Theatre tickets
Wed Sep  1   San Rafael Firesign Theatre tickets
Sun Aug 29   Barnsdall Firesign Theatre tickets
Tue Aug 17   Schedule change
Thu Aug  5   Agatha Christie and the BBC Murders
Tue Jun 29   Firesign Theatre Radio Hour on now
Wed Jun 16   Firesign Theatre Radio Hour online
Tue Jun 15   Firesign Theatre Radio Hour tonight
Wed Jun  9   Phil Proctor on Dangerous Minds
Wed Jun  9   WFMU list of shows
Tue Jun  8   WFMU to air/stream "FT Radio Hour"
Thu May 20   Radio Free Oz podcast in Top 10
Fri Apr 30   Radio Free Oz now with podcasting
Tue Apr  6   Radio Free Oz changing to weeknights
Wed Mar 31   Updated live show schedule
Fri Mar 26   RADIO FREE OZ (new time)
Sun Mar 21   RADIO FREE OZ
Thu Mar 18   RADIO FREE OZ chat
Sat Mar 13   The return of RADIO FREE OZ
Tue Feb 23   And no fair to anybody!
Fri Feb 19   You may already be there!
Tue Feb  9   tentative Firesign west coast tour dates
Thu Feb  4   Regnad Kcin, governor of North Carolina
Sun Jan 24   HOUR HOUR shows on TWICE
Sun Jan 24   HOUR HOUR shows on
Fri Jan 22   Ossman and Austin on KPLU
Thu Jan 21   Ossman and Bergman on KZOK
Tue Jan 19   Proctor & Bergman on Dangerous Minds
Thu Jan 14   A note from Phil Proctor
Thu Jan  7   Firesign Theatre 2nd Dangerous Minds interview
Wed Jan  6   Firesign Theatre Kirkland tickets
Tue Jan  5   More Firesign Theatre LIVE
Mon Jan  4   Firesign Theatre LIVE in Tacoma Jan. 24
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